18 April 2014


[blog] Firmoo Specs - Kirsty Wears[blog] Firmoo Specs - Kirsty Wears[blog] Firmoo Specs - Kirsty Wears

Being blind as a bat can result in a glasses obsession and when Firmoo contacted me to do a review on a new pair I couldn't resist. I have had a pair of Firmoo specs before see here for my review. Again I cannot fault Firmoo and their service not only are they extremely help and quick responding, the website is easy as pie to use. The virtual try on system is my favourite feature on the website and turns out accurate every time, being able to try glasses on a picture of yourself is pretty genius and quite fun too. If you are interested in trying out the virtual try on whether it is prescription purposes or just fashion Firmoo do both so go get trying on.

If you like my glasses click here to see them online. Also make sure you check my first Frimoo review for more details :) Happy Easter! 

14 April 2014


[blog] Phone Case - Kirsty Wears
Iphone 4S Case - Ebay

Just sharing 'something cute' I have purchased recently.  This extremely adorable (faux) Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case, from ebay for only £4.49.. Super cute and a great bargain!

12 April 2014


[blog] Trend Two - Kirsty Wears[blog] Trend Two - Kirsty Wears[blog] Trend Two - Kirsty Wears
Jacket - ℅ Trend Two, Jeans - Dr Denim, Sandals - Primark, Necklace - Topshop

Today was warm yet a little breezy so my original plan to get the legs kind of went out the window and I decided to play it safe, chucking the jeans on again. You just never know people, this is Britain after all.

Anyway apart from non baring legs I still felt ever so chic in this gorgeous printed jacket that has over night quickly become my most favourite item in my wardrobe. What makes it even more special is that it was gifted by the lovely people from Trend Two whom hand picked it especially for me and my style. Arriving yesterday in a beautifully ribbon tied box I felt truly spoilt, so thank you Trend Two you made my Friday. If you haven't heard of Trend Two before they are a new online boutique selling both women and men clothes and also accessories to providing a one stop destination for all things fashion. Go ahead and check them out if you haven't already.

Happy Saturday Campers! Speak soon xo

5 April 2014


[blog] Kimono/Owl Bag - Kirsty Wears[blog] Kimono/Owl Bag - Kirsty Wears[blog] Kimono/Owl Bag - Kirsty Wears[blog] Kimono/Owl Bag - Kirsty Wears[blog] Kimono/Owl Bag - Kirsty WearsKimono, Necklace, Ring - Topshop, Black Crop Tee - Missguided Jellies, Jeans - Primark, Owl bag - ℅ Ikrush

Today's outfit for running Saturdays errands. I have had a little spring clean and managed to find a perfect blogging spot in the Beee F's bedroom - so I'm hoping to get some more blogging opportunities in this little spot (as it is not always easy to find someone to take blog photos, standard blogger dilemma). 

I have been impatiently waiting for the weather to get warmer so I can wear this gorgeous Kimono my Mumma got me for Christmas, which just so happened to go perfectly along side my owl bag which I received as a surprise a couple of weeks ago from Ikrush. Ikrush are an online retailer that have some really lovely pieces, definitely one to check out. Also OBESSED with ma jellies, I cannot get enough of feeling 5 years old again every time I wear these aha and thanks to my lovely friend Lucineh at work who so kindly thought of me when shopping last weekend and bought them for me :) jellies crew! 

Enjoy your weekend peeps! xo 

26 March 2014


[blog] Kirsty Wears - Primark[blog] Kirsty Wears - Primark[blog] Kirsty Wears - Primark[blog] Kirsty Wears - Primark[blog] Kirsty Wears - Primark Sandals, Jeans, Bag - Primark, Jumper - Zara, Belt - ASOS, Name Necklace- ℅ Punky Pins, Sunglasses - Ebay

Howdy! Just sharing with you some amazing Primark bits I picked up the other weekend. Literally Primark are on fire at the moment with so many lovely Spring/Summer bits in, they're definitely getting me in the mood for some summer sun. Lets hope this chilly spell won't hang around for long. 

10% Discount over at Punky Pins with 'kirstywears'

21 February 2014







all photos from style.com

19 February 2014


[blog] CUT IT OUT wall sticker - Kirsty Wears
[blog] CUT IT OUT wall sticker - Kirsty Wears
Blossom Tree ℅ Cut It Out Wall Sticker 

A couple a weeks ago a company called Cut It Out contacted me asking me whether I would like to review one of their vinyl wall stickers, I was super excited by the chance and it couldn't of come at a better time. I have recently moved in with my boyfriend and his parents, and am having to spend most of my time in a pretty boyish room. So I thought what not better opportunity to add a little feminine touch with a pretty wall sticker. Cut It Out are a fairly new company specialising in personalised wall deco, they have a huge range of designs to browse through and their website is pretty inspiring when looking for decorating ideas. You can check their website out here.

picture from Cut It Out's website
After browsing back and forth on Cut It Out's website I decided to go with the blossom tree branch design, if you are like me and a very indecisive person you will have a difficult time trying to choose a sticker. There are just so many nice designs it is impossible to just choose one aha but in the end I always find it is best to go with the first choice (wise words). So when my wall sticker arrived Saturday morning I couldn't wait to get it on the wall, however I did have my doubts on how easy it was going to be to actually to apply. After watching the tutorial on how to apply to sticker (which you can find on the website) it looked surprisingly easy, so after a little preparations and tidying I went ahead and gave it a go and 'et viola'. The boyfriends room is transformed into a lovely haven of prettiness…. well almost, now I'm just left to deal with the boxing bag, numerous weights and everything else that screams 'man stuff'. 

If you would like to get creative with some wall deco then enter the rafflecopter below, and you could be in with a chance of winning a sticker of your choice. [giveaway ends 26/02/14] Good Luck! 

16 February 2014


[blog] Rose Playsuit - Kirsty Wears[blog] Rose Playsuit - Kirsty WearsP1140800[blog] Rose Playsuit - Kirsty Wears[blog] Rose Playsuit - Kirsty Wears[blog] Rose Playsuit - Kirsty Wears
Playsuit - ℅ Fashion Union, Boots - Missguided, Bag - Mulberry, Crown - Topshop

Introducing a very pretty playsuit kindly sent to me by Fashion Union. I think this is possibly the prettiest playsuit I have ever owned, and what not better time of year to wear roses than on Valentines. Fashion Union have some really lovely pieces on their website, here are just a few of my other favourite pieces. 

Super jealous of all the blogger at London Fashion Week this weekend, I was really unorganised this season and didn't make any plans to head to the strand, but I cannot wait to catch up on every ones LFW posts and outfits, if you have any on your blog let me know, I would love to read them!  

6 February 2014



Getting all romantic on the blog today with my valentines wardrobe picks from Asda's very own George clothing. I have gone for a feminine chic look that will keep you looking sweet enough to eat this valentines.

So for a perfect romantic look I have gone for this cute cropped polka dot shirt teaming it with these chic woven dungarees, that are actually backless so will look even cuter with the cropped shirt underneath (see here). Mixing up print and textures with this pretty blush floral knitted jumper, that will be keep you toasty warm when over the top of your dungarees. Shoes I have gone for the simple classic brogue which personally I think finishes of this romantic paris-esque look. What do you guys think of this look? 

Do you have any plans for Valentines, I'm stuck with ideas with what to do but I guarantee is has not crossed the Boyfriend's mind ahaa. Well at least I have my outfit sorted!

This is a sponsored post.

27 January 2014


[blog] Kirsty Wears - Missguided Skort[blog] Kirsty Wears - Missguided Skort[blog] Kirsty Wears - Missguided Skort[blog] Kirsty Wears - Missguided Skort
[blog] Kirsty Wears - Missguided Skort
Jumper - Primark, Skort, Boots - Missguided, Bag - M&S, Necklace - Topshop 

This weekend went terribly quickly, and I don't think it helped that I woke up Saturday morning 100% convinced that it was Friday and I had to go to work, you should of seen the joy on my face when I came to my senses! With the super quick weekend flashing before my eyes I was completely zonked by the time Sunday came and simply had no energy left in me, to even try and conjure up the blog post that I promised. However it is Monday and I am feeling like this week will be an organised one therefore what not better way to start the week with the promised outfit post :) 

I am maybe more than a little late when joining the 'Skort' gang, but I have been a fan from the beginning and have hunted high and low for the perfect pair. After mooching online over Christmas I came across these gorgeous baroque printed pair from Missguided I knew I had to have them. At the time they were only £19.99 which I thought was pretty reasonable, but I have just seen that they are now half price and are only £9.99!! GGGEES LOUISE GO! Missguided have had the biggest collection of skorts which individual are all so perfect and such reasonably priced too, I have to resist the temptation to purchase more. 

Hope everyone has a good week, speak soon xo