Friday, 19 September 2014


Boho vibes - Kirsty Wears // Style blogBoho vibes - Kirsty Wears // Style blogBoho vibes - Kirsty Wears // Style blogBoho vibes - Kirsty Wears // Style blog

Maxi skirt - Topshop (simliar)
Fedora - Topshop 
Necklace - Next 
Ring - Primark

Boho Vibes - Kirsty Wears // Style Blog
Boho vibes - Kirsty Wears // Style blogBoho vibes - Kirsty Wears // Style blogBoho vibes - Kirsty Wears // Style blog

Feeling all boho-chique in ma fedora and maxi skirt, which makes a nice changes as I have been living in my casj attire for a few days so I thought I'd make a little bit of effort, seen as it is the weekend and all.  Although I am just wearing a skirt and hat nothing special, however it does make me feel a little fancy - oh for the little things. Me and James are about to go out for some food and mooches around town, and I thought I'd post a quickie before I left, so here it was. Happy Friday peeps, have a good weekend. xo

again this skirt has been blogged before see here

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Graduate Collection - BA (HONS) Fashion Textiles

So with London Fashion Week over for another season. I thought it would be a good time to put together a post sharing with you guys my full graduate collection. I studied BA Fashion Textile at Middlesex University, graduating last summer so this post is probably long overdue, however since leaving university I haven't really had time to reflect and look back on the last 3 years as I went straight into a temp job to save for travelling. However I am now here in Thailand with all the time in the world to reflect and well plan for the future.  

I had studied fashion since GCSE it being the only subject I was interested in and well soon to learn my passion, I continued to study all the way to degree level. So when it came to creating and designing what was to be my graduate collection it was a very surreal time and I wanted to create a collection that I would love and always look back on and be proud. Specialising in knitwear I chose to knit my entire collection and believe me when I say my life and soul went into those 6 looks. I have never worked so hard before in my life and by the end I was psychically and emotionally exhausted. However it was all worth it and would I do it again. Most definitely it was the best experience of my life, when I look back I find it so hard to believe that I managed to do it, the sleepless nights and the early morning starts seriously it was all such a blur at the time, but it was the most fun I have ever had AND the feeling when you finish and see your work walk down the runway, my god you just crumble aha.  I cried both times. 

My collection was inspired by Mexico's day of the dead celebrations, taking inspiration from Mexican shrines and sugar skulls. I'm obsessed with everything over sized and wanted to input that into my collection by designing and making garments that were fun to look at and fun to wear. By doing so everything just got bigger, brighter and with a lot more pompoms. My collection consisted of large floral crowns, pom pom beanies, heavily knitted jumpers and dresses oh and a piñata inspired  jumpsuit added to the mix also. I used materials that I thought were never possible and created silhouettes that I thought wouldn't be able to work, but they did and because of this my graduate collection will be something I'll look back on and continue to use to inspire me with future plans and  idea.

So here it is my life and soul, my graduate collection // 
Graduate Collection - Kirsty Anderton
Skull Jumper - Graduate Collection Kirsty Anderton
Graduate Collection - Kirsty Anderton
Piñata Jumpsuit - Graduate Collection Kirsty Anderton
Graduate Collection - Kirsty Anderton
Zigzag Jumper - Graduate Collection Kirsty Anderton
Graduate Collection - Kirsty Anderton
Pompom Jumper - Graduate Collection Kirsty Anderton
Graduate Collection - Kirsty Anderton
Skull Jumper - Graduate Collection Kirsty Anderton
Graduate Collection - Kirsty Anderton
Skull Jumper - Graduate Collection Kirsty Anderton

Watch Middlesex University's full graduate show here, or skip to 29:30 min/secs to see my collection. 

Day of the dead inspired knitwear collection by Kirsty Anderton

I would love to hear your thoughts on the collection as I am currently designing more wearable/high-street pieces which I plan to put forward with my brand when back in the UK so all thoughts and opinions are welcome, please :) 
OH and.. Any question about my course at Middlesex or studying fashion textiles in general, please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to respond asap, speak soon guys xo

Monday, 15 September 2014


Topshop neon dress - Kirsty Wears Style Blog
Topshop neon dress - Kirsty Wears Style Blog
topshop neon dress
Topshop neon dress - Kirsty Wears Style Blog
Topshop neon dress - Kirsty Wears Style Blog

Neon Yellow Printed Dress - Topshop 
Purple and Neon Yellow Trainers - New Balance (Thailand) 
Hand Printed Bag - Thailand
Sunglasses - Ebay

topshop neon dress

So Friday was the beginning of London Fashion Week which was super exciting and I must say I have loved waking up to hundreds of Instagram pictures to scroll through and #LFW outfits to look at (I still find it strange that I am 6 hours ahead). So not being able to attend as I'm half way across the world I thought I'd pretend and dress a little fancy, wearing this little neon number from Topshop. 

This weekend we have spent moving location, so we have had a few treks back and forth with numerous bags and our suitcases. You wouldn't believe how much stuff we have accumulated whilst here and we've only been here 2 months. Repacking the suitcase was a shocker, god knows what is it going to be like 9 months from now, I may have to buy another lol. 

This dress has been blogged before here 

Friday, 12 September 2014


Happy Friday more importantly happy #LFW. I am so excited to see what's install for SS15 and I cannot wait to see all your blog post and fashiony goings on over the fashion week weekend. If your heading and blogging London Fashion Week, do leave your blog links below I'd love to read. 

Instagram Lately

1// Obsessed with this tie dye dress it makes me feel so boho, in a multicoloured kind of way. 
2// PURPLE PUP GATE! Yes only in Thailand (well and maybe on TOWIE). This snazzy little dude strolled past me and for a minute I was adamant I was seeing things aha. But no there is in fact a purple dog roaming the streets of Chaweng. 
3// Having a little mid week makeup experiment with a little pink dusting on the eyes. Actually really liked it, I never thought to wear coloured eyeshadow. But it is becoming 'a thing' so maybe I'll brave it more often. 
4// Last Saturday me and James went on a little walking adventure as the weather had been terrible and we had been stuck in doors quite a lot. Our 'stretching our legs' adventure found this amazing spirit tree which was so beautiful. I would like to have lots of these in my garden, hmm I wonder what Mum Bean would say? 
5// No harm in a little self quote motivation. Believe in your self Y'all. 
6// More tie dye, I told you this stuff is addictive. 
7// You'll see lots of these little outfits preps on my instagram, I like to plan and well I'm a blogger so obvs. I'm going to take a photo too. 
8// Another weekend adventure found this amazingly colourful and detailed building. Literally there is so much inspiration out here. 
9// Oh a favourite of mine. A cocktail VW and it is pink with fairy lights. Amazing I know. 

Just a little Instagram Lately post with my goings on and finds here in Thailand and all other fashion things of course. You can find me on instagram @kirstywearsblog 

Have an amazing weekend, speak soon xo

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Tie Dye Dress // Thailand - Kirsty Wears Blog
Tie Dye Dress // Thailand - Kirsty Wears Blog
Tie Dye Dress // Thailand - Kirsty Wears Blog
Tie Dye Dress // Thailand - Kirsty Wears Blog

Tie Dye Dress - Thailand (similar - WEARECOW)
Sandals - ASOS
Fedora - Topshop
Peacock Hair Extension - Topshop

Slightly in love with this post just because of the bright colours (hence the photo heavy post). I picked up this dress a couple of weeks ago and I am in love with it, it is so perfect and such an easier chuck over or on when needing something cool to wear. As silly as it might sound but I'm so excited to bring all by new bits home (back to England) just so I can team them up with my knitted cardigans and chunky boots. Although it will be summer when I get hone so I will have ages to wait aha god I'm going to be dying for a winter by then. 

Tie Dye Dress // Thailand - Kirsty Wears Blog
Tie Dye Dress // Thailand - Kirsty Wears Blog
Tie Dye Dress // Thailand - Kirsty Wears Blog
Tie Dye Dress // Thailand - Kirsty Wears Blog

I am aware that some of the bits I am blogging are not available to buy as they are from Thailand, but I do try my best to find similar items and link them in the garments list. WE ARE COW currently have a very similar tie dye dress which I have linked so if you like mine definitely check theirs out. 

Tie Dye Dress // Thailand - Kirsty Wears Blog
Tie Dye Dress // Thailand - Kirsty Wears Blog

I have recently created a Facebook and Pinterest page for Kirsty Wears. Yes I know 4 years a little late I know, but I'm just starting to fall back into my blogging flow (it has taken a while) so I guess I'm just trying to share as much as I can and get back into le old social media habits. I would love it if you could follow me, like me, etc etc aha. Thanks homies, speak soon xo

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Bill and Mar Wish List - Kirsty Wears Blog

Bill and Mar Wish List - Kirsty Wears Blog

If you are like me and love to find new exciting brands that are just emerging on to the high street then you will love the brand I am introducing to you today, however they are fabulous so you maybe of heard of them already. But if not then definitely check them out.

Bill†Mar is a London based brand created by Rosie Bonnar whom found her inspiration when travelling and working in Australia for a year. Naming her brand after her grandparents Bill and Marian (which I think is amazing, her grandparent must be pretty cool), Rosie creates a unique stand out from the crowd collection that is not afraid to deviate from mainstream trends. With clashing prints, bold, vibrant colours and fabric mixes Bill†Mar is an exciting new twist to the high street and the current trends.  Whether you are like me and like to mix up patterns and prints or a fan of the matching two pieces Bill†Mar will not disappoint.

Bill and Mar Wish List - Kirsty Wears Blog

Bill and Mar Wish List - Kirsty Wears Blog

I have put together a few of my favourites pieces from their new AW14 collection and also a couple of sale items have snuck in there too. I would love to hear your thoughts on the brand and what I have chosen. Also your favourites too. 

Bill†Mar Instagram / Twitter
All pictures are sourced from Bill+Mar

Monday, 8 September 2014


Kimono // Tie Dye Shorts - Kirsty Wears Blog
Kimono // Tie Dye Shorts - Kirsty Wears Blog
Spirit Houses Thailand - Kirsty Wears Blog
Kimono // Tie Dye Shorts - Kirsty Wears Blog

Kimono - Topshop 
Shorts - Thailand
Sandals - Asos

Just a few snaps from Saturday what I wore (if you follow me on Instagram, you would recognise this outfit from there). The weather is so stormy here that you can get a little grouchy being stuck with not much to do, so me and James tend to go for longish walks to see what we can find and well just to stretchy are legs. Saturdays finds were this amazing view point (yes I moaned all the way up the hill and back down) and this amazing spirit tree and collection of spirit houses. It was so strange because as we were looking around every car that passed by would bib its horn several times and after about 10 bibbing cars we realised they were bibbing for the spirits and at the shrines. Pretty amazing.

Spirit Trees Thailand - Kirsty Wears Blog

Sunday, 7 September 2014


So I don't really know where I'm going with the post I just felt like talking well typing, so I'm just going to have a ramble // I have almost been in Thailand now for 2 months and I am having the most wonderful time doing as I please and not having a worry or care in the world. But having so much time to oneself does make you think and wonder what it is I should be doing or thinking. What I'm trying to say is that having all this free time if making me reflect on myself and well where it is I should be going from here. Career wise, life wise just everything really. I'm 23 now, I graduated from uni over a year ago and I feel like I have nothing to show for myself or understanding of what or really who I am as person and well I guess I'm feeling a little guilty for just packing up my stuff and taking myself across the other side of the world to just do nothing.

Instax Mini 8 / Journal - Kirsty Wears Blog
travel journal  ♥
The plan was to find myself whilst I'm here, I thought Thailand would help me become a more confident person and help figure out where it is in life I want to go and what I want to be doing. But I've realised that Thailand is not going to makes all these things happen, it is me who has to. I still have a long journey ahead of me and many exciting things to look forward before coming home next year, so I know maybe I'm being a little hasty or hard on myself giving I've only been here 2 months and I'm already beating myself up about it. However these last 2 months have made me realise that I'm far to content in just mooching and being, and well mooching and just being is not going to get me anywhere.


However I need to remember that I worked hard to be here and have this year out so it's fine if all I'm pursuing is a beach bum dream atm. I need to remember that and stop comparing myself to others and don't worry about what every other being is doing and where they are going. I need to stop worrying and putting pressure on myself - pressure that is not necessary. This fault I'm sure a lot of us have and find ourselves doing, it is natural to compare yourself to others but I guess it's how we look and think of ourself at the same time that gives a different outcome. I need to remember to believe in myself (I flipping should I have it tattooed on me for god sake) I'm here in Thailand being a beach bum because it is what I wanted to do and I worked hard to save and be here.

Instax Mini 8 / Journal - Kirsty Wears Blog
My problem is I'm a worrier and too much time on my hands leads to me worrying. AND I'm also my own worlds worst critic which is frustrating as what other people think doesn't bother me at all, I couldn't careless. But me I'll eat myself up for days worrying something I've done isn't good enough. God at uni I was a nightmare, it would take me months of tearing out sketchbook pages before I was 98% happy with the first page. But this trait I know is what will hold me back in the future I need to be more confident in myself and what I love doing if I'm ever going to make it work.

SO having admitted to all that, I have decided that from now on whilst across the other side of the world and when I am back home of course, I am going to stop judging everything I do and just enjoy it. I guess Thailand is the perfect opportunity to plan all things future, I have so many ideas that I want to pursue once I'm home, and I guess this time is the perfect time to figure out how I can start and make these things work. I just need to stop being a scaredy cat and thinking negative 'what if..'s' and just do what it is I love.

So it's ridiculous but I feel better for typing this all down (there I go again criticising myself) ok no its not ridiculous. It is good to get things off your chest and seen as it is just me and James here, blogging it  down seemed the easier option. Lets face it men are rubbish at understanding sometimes.

Well if anyone else out there is guilty putting to much pressure on oneself. THEN stop. You are fabulous and being yourself and doing what you love is the best thing you can be and do, so enjoy it and embrace it and follow it.  Amen xo

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