Life Lately // Crocheting, Tattoos and Pastel Hair.

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It has been awhile since I put together one of my life lately post and well a lot has happened in-between then, but nothing to important just… Christmas, New Year, and Valentines. Sometimes I do question my ability to stay on top of things, I'm not normally this terrible I promise.

So me and James had a wonderful Thailand Christmas, New Year and more recently Valentines weekend. The weather is really good right now as we are heading into mid high season so catching some raise has been on the agenda more than ever. As you can see from my most recent IG snaps I have been crocheting like a mad lady and slowly but surely getting faster and better at it, which makes me very chirpy indeed. I am super excited to kick start more project when I return home to the UK.

My battle with the pastel hair is still very much on the way, I have yet to concur a full head of lilac as for some reason I cannot quite grasp how to get my whole head the same tone.. any tips please share below guys. I don't know what I am doing wrong, however I'm still loving pastel life.

I recently acquired 3 more tattoos,  a little hasty you may be thinking but one thing I have learnt or realised from living here in Thailand is that just to live my life and have fun with it. Don't take things to seriously and stop worrying about what everybody else is going to think or say. Therefore with this in mind I went all yolo and got some tattoos that I have wanted for quite sometimes + (plus) maybe and extra little buddha too.

There is something about collating all your instagram photos I find very aesthetically appealing and satisfying aha. Have a good week homies and I shall speak to you soon  
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70's Style Inspired Wish List

70's Style Inspiration / Kirsty Wears Blog

Currently lusting over everything and anything boho-cique or 70's inspired at the moment. I have a current need to fulfil my bell bottom / sleeve desires and also buy a house filled with hippyesque decor. Pinterest is dangerous! No but seriously is this not the most perfect era to be born in, and look great. From the clean cut lines to the embroidered and floral patterns, to the girly bell sleeves and feminine seam lines and textures. Literally a dream in my eyes.  

The only way a girl is going to slightly satisfy her needs to revamp her entire wardrobe whilst across the other side of the world (unable to) is well to make a wish list. No? Just me? Ah syks here it is anyway. A 70's style inspired wish list for you all, including all my favourite stores and of course with all product links included (because I'm good like that). Enjoy Peeps, let me know if you are also in LOVE with the whole 70's trend that is slowly creeping back in and if you have any favourites from my chosen pieces above.
 70's Inspired Wish List // Kirsty Wears Blog
70's Style Inspiration / Kirsty Wears Blog

All other images are sourced from a 70's style search over at Pinterest.



Melon Bikini // Kirsty Wears Blog
Wearing Crochet Watermelon Bikini
Wearing Crochet Watermelon BikiniWearing Crochet Watermelon Bikini

Watermelon Bikin - Made By Me
Shorts - Levi Denim (Thailand) 
Kimono - Topshop (Similar)
Sunglasses - Rayban (Thailand)

I was a little reluctant to blogging myself in a bikini, as after editing through the 'blogable' shots I was suddenly aware of so much chunk that was on show. I am not the slimmest of girls and I am certainly not body confident, forever wishing and longing to be one of those girls who loves going to the gym and eating healthily. I'm the complete opposite I love my food (carbs) and I love a good biscuit, I hate going to the gym and drag myself crying every time I do go (pretending/convincing myself I love it really -_-). Since being in Thailand I have took it upon myself to starting getting fit and have been gyming on and off since November so I do feel a little bit better in myself however I'm still vary aware that I have a long way to go to achieve where I would like my body and mind to be. But one step and one less packet of m&m's at a time, I am slowly getting there. I hope to be a dress size down by the time I return home in July.

Anywhoo enough talking about my body and lets talk about my melonkini. Are you in love? Because I am, this snazzy little crochet number was my very first crochet attempt and I going to blow my own horn and let you know that it is fabulous. After sharing my first make on Facebook and instagram a few people (nicely) joked not to go swimming as it might end up around my ankles, which I'm not going to lie slightly burst my crochet bikini bubble. Was it going to stretch and become really heavy when wet? So the day came, I'm wearing my crochet bikini and we are heading to the beach, I've got my spare bikini in my bag just in case this all goes terribly down hill (literally). In my head I don't see how the bikini can stretch as I crocheted with a tight tension and used 100% acrylic which is water resistant at the best of times. But it was my first time in a woollen bikini so I was heading in blind. Thankfully everything was fine and the bikini did not stretch or become heavy it stayed immaculate, in shape and dried really quickly in the sunshine. Perfecto' you can imagine the relief I felt as I slowly made my way out of the water head down waiting to catch my dignity but everything stayed just where it was suppose to aha. So for any of you who had those pre crochetkini nerves I am here to put your mind at ease it is safe to go swimming. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on wearing crochet bikinis and whether you'd be interest in buying a watermelon one just like this, as I have some plans to make and sell some when I return in July? For a closer look see my previous post on this bikini here