Elephant Trousers // OOTDElephant Pants // OOTDElephant Pants // OOTDMe and James // Thailand // 26.01.2015

Morning Monday. Today's post is a quick ootd from earlier this morning ( thai time ) I am currently sitting in an oversized tee (james's) sweating my arse off trying to take a breather from the glorious and incredibly hot sunshine outside, so I thought I'd quickly put a post together.

Elephant Pants // OOTD

Yesterday me and James took a little Sunday stroll around Chaweng as we had a few errands to get from the supermarket, and me being me I do like to take our afternoon strolls as the perfect opportunity to wonder around the never changing clothes shops. So I guess this is where these insanely large elephant trousers come in, I have been after a pair of these elephant pants (I think that is what they're called) for a while now and you're probably thinking why? Because yes they are ridiculously large, and probably the most unflattering trouser known to man, however I personally I think coolest pair of trouser I have ever seen (ok slight exaggeration), but they're are great though and they are so super comfy. I just want to spend the rest of my life in them, so with that in mind I also purchased an Orange pair with little elephants on too. When in Thailand I say..

Elephant Pants // OOTD
Crochet Top // Made by Me // Kirsty Wears Blog
Crochet Top // Made by Me // Kirsty Wears Blog
Trousers - Thailand (Similar)
Crochet Croptop - Made by me
Bag - Primark 

Also today I wore my latest crochet garm creation, this little multi colour crop top. I am actually really happy with how this one turned out it fits perfectly and I really like to style. So this one is definitely a winner, I may make some more.

I am totally aware this is probably not the most on trend of outfits (who am I kidding, it is not at all) and my blog hasn't been let say up-to-date fashionably recently, but this is how I am living most days and well I kind of like it. Taking a step back from the ever changing fashion scene and just having a whale of a time in my BIG PANTS - whats not to like. 

Elephant Pants // OOTD

On that note, time to go back to the beach.. enjoy your day amigos. 


Beauty Snippet // Currently Wearing Maybelline Matte Red

Loving recently - Maybelline Red // Kirsty Wears Blog

One of my new years goals was to be more adventurous with my beauty habits and stop with the old 'it just doesn't suit me excuses', because really lets face it you never really tried did ya Kirst.  I have always wished I could be one of those girls who can rock a red lip and always catch myself crushing and slightly envious of those who do. So with that on my 2015 agenda I took it upon myself to purchase a pretty bold lippy - Maybelline's Matte Bold - Matt5 to be precise and I can safely say I am loving it. I'm not going to lie I still haven't got it down to a T yet, and find myself constantly checking myself in the mirror (or self-facing camera) to make sure I haven't clumsily smudged it half way up my cheek, but a gurl is getting there and I think I am breaking the old bold lip confidence barrier (pats self on back). Loving recently - Maybelline Red // Kirsty Wears Blog
Have you guys got any top tips on keeping your lippy lasting longer, or any colour/brand recommendations I must try? Please do let me know? 


Blue Moon // Crochet Crop Top

DIY Crochet Crop Top // Kirsty Wears Blog

Yes I'm on a crochet roll, this being my third project I have completed. I feel like I am starting to get a little faster, but still trying to teach myself new techniques and stitches as I go. Here I have used the basic bikini cup technique and then incorporated the 'granny stitch' and 'scalloped hem' stitch around the edges. I have also weaved in some scrap fabric that I had into the bigger stitches giving the edges a little more detail. Ill be honest and say the fit is not 100% perfect and a little too big for me (mainly because I have no boobs, god damn it) but overall this is definitely my favourite piece so far. What do you guys think?

Here I have teamed it with just a simple pair of high waisted denim shorts, but these types of tops also look great with some mom jeans and maybe even a pair of high waisted tailored bottoms i.e cigarette trousers.

DIY Crochet Crop Top // Kirsty Wears BlogDIY Crochet Crop Top // Kirsty Wears BlogDIY Crochet Crop Top // Kirsty Wears BlogDIY Crochet Crop Top // Kirsty Wears BlogDIY Crochet Crop Top // Kirsty Wears Blog

I have already thought of what I would like to do next (design wise) so Ill be starting that soon :) Let me know if you have any ideas or designs you would like to see me try? Speak soon xo