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Hey, lovelies of the interweb! So since my last post I managed to visit Bangkok, fly home to the UK, reunite with my family and friends and FINALLY send my online shop and clothing brand to LIVE. Woo it has been a busy week I feel like I have not stopped, but it does feel really good to be back home and around all my favourite people and things! Tonight I thought I would put together a post introducing my new brand Warm and The Wild, and also a little Hello I'm still here and hopefully will be back into the Internet swing very shortly.

So here it is Warm & The Wild a knitwear brand supplying you with fashionable and reasonably priced knits, from crochet crop tops, sassy bikinis, to chunky jumpers and cardigans. My aim is to produce desirable knitwear with a unique edge, but all at an amazing high-street price.  I would love hear your thoughts on my website, brand name and products available so please don't hesitate to leave me comment or query. I also plan to add new style every week, so to keep posted make sure you follow us over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Warm and The Wild / www.warmandthewild.comWarm and The Wild Knitwear BrandWarm and The Wild Knitwear BrandWarm and The Wild Knitwear Brand
Warm and The Wild Knitwear BrandWarm and The Wild Knitwear Brand

Let the knitting adventure begin....


Travel With Me // 10 Things To Do Whilst Visiting Koh Samui Island

Currently sitting in the hotel reception waiting to leave for the airport (we have 3 hours to go) I thought not what better time to finish and send to live my last Koh Samui post. I cannot help but feel emotional that our time here in Thailand is over and we are in fact heading home TONIGHT! Tonight, this doesn't feel real. I feel so lucky that I was able to live in such a beautiful place for so long, I gained so many lovely memories and experiences that I will treasure for a lifetime. But as much that I am sad the adventure has come to an end I am also super excited to see all my friends and family back home next week. Oh and get a huge mug of English tea, mmm yes please! See you on the other side peeps (inserts hand emoji*), but for now enjoy my last Samui post... 

James and I have fully explored and probably done everything possible there is to do on this island and below are just some of my favourite experiencing and adventures that we would recommend, from day trips to evenings out.. enjoy!

Angthong National Marine park

Angthong National Marine Park is an archipelago (small cluster of islands) in the Gulf of Siam, situated North - West of Koh Samui consisting of 42 islands. It is such a beautiful sight to see and spend the day exploring, with activities such as kayaking through caves, snorkelling the corals, and hiking to 500m views points.

National Marine Park Koh Samui Thailand / Travel / Kirsty Wears BlogAngthong National Marine Park Koh Samui / KWB

This was one of our most recent adventures, as we did this whilst my sister was visiting for 3 weeks, it is an all day trip setting out at 7:30 am and returning around 5 pm travelling via boat or speed boat whichever you prefer. We went with the big boat as we thought this would be a more relaxing experience (and perfect for tanning to). Supplied with breakfast, lunch and snacks it is a really relaxing and enjoying trip to do, although still packed with enough activities to have you feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

Jungle trekking Angthong Koh Samui / KWB

My favourite part was hiking up the rocky mountain through the jungle to reach the viewpoint, unfortunately, 500m was no accessible the day we as it had been raining and was far too slippery to hike up to. Therefore 300m was the highest we were allowed to go, but to be fair I did not think I could go on any further anyways as 300m was not easy and the thought of having to go back the way I started was making the thought of going any higher unbearable haha. But 300 metres did not disappoint with the most beautiful view I have ever seen, and an added bonus we saw the cutest little family of monkeys sitting amongst the trees. It is such as amazing thing to see them in their natural habitat and there was a teeny tiny baby monkey to which was amazing too.

Kayaking Angthong Day Trip Koh Samui / KWB

After trekking the viewpoint is was back to the boat for kayaking around rocks and through caves, then to the Green Lagoon for a pit stop and relax on the beach, with the option of a mini snorkeling session too. So it is definitely an activity filled day, the only thing that I would say is that the snorkeling is not very good, so if you are looking to do more snorkeling then I suggest the Koh Tao trip. But I'll talk more about that later down the list.

Chaweng Thai Boxing Stadium

Chaweng Muay Thai Stadium were James competed a few times (and won!! Whoop) so I have been there enough to realise it is actually a really good night out. The stadium itself is quite modern with a Dj between intervals and a bar serving drinks, it is a great place to start off your night out it. The fights start around 9 pm so you have enough time to grab some dinner beforehand, finishing around midnight (although you can choose to leave whenever you wish). Costing 1500thb which is about £30 it is not the cheapest of things to do however it is definitely a good experience and you get to see some traditional Thai Boxing with both Thai fighters and foreign fighters competing.

Chaweng Stadium / James Fight / Travel Thailand Koh Samui / Kirsty Wears BlogChaweng Stadium / James Fight / Travel Thailand Koh Samui / Kirsty Wears Blog

I mentioned in my previous island guide post that Lamai also had a free Thai boxing event every Saturday which is held outside. However, I personally enjoy Chaweng Stadium a lot more and also the level of fighters is a lot higher competing at Chaweng than in Lamai. So if you are looking to watch a good, hard fight Chaweng Stadium is your place to be.

Nuang No.2 Waterfall

One of my top favourite things to do on the island is visit the Waterfalls, Nuang waterfall being the highest on the island (although still quite small) but deep enough to get in and have a little swim. I have been here a handful of times now and have loved it every time, it is a little daunting at first as the fresh water is so cold and you cannot see a thing that lurks in there, but once you are in it is super refreshing and fun trying to swim to the fall.

Namaung Waterfall - Kirstywears
No.2 Waterfall Koh Samui Thailand // Kirsty Wears Blog

Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

The full moon party reoccurs once a month and during this time Koh Samui gets very busy with travellers and party-goers awaiting the full moon to commence. A lot of people choose to camp base on Koh Samui as Koh Phangan gets very expensive around the full moon time, and all hotels and hostels require you stay a minimum of 5 nights which can be inconvenient for travellers wanting to move on. The two islands are half an hour apart via speed boat, which leave every hour from Samui and then from midnight they run every hour back to Samui from Koh Phangan till about 7 in the morning. So it is perfect really you get dropped off and you get picked up, costing only £20 or so.

Nightlife Koh Samui / Ark Bar / Full Moon / Travel / KWBNightlife Koh Samui / Ark Bar / Full Moon / Travel / KWBNightlife Koh Samui / Ark Bar / Full Moon / Travel / KWB

Do not let the horror stories you may have seen or heard about on TV programmes because the full moon party was one of the best nights out whilst here in Thailand to date. It was such a good night, with the best atmosphere ever, everyone was so happy and friendly. I 100% recommend you go experience it, it will be a one you never forget. One thing I will say do not put down your shoes because you will lose them (or they will be stolen), James and our friend both lost theirs having put them down for about 2 seconds. Whether they got buried in the sand whilst dancing or someone lots theirs too and nabbed another pair, we do not know haha we just couldn't find them.

Visit the Chinese Temples

So I mentioned the Chinese Temples also in my Island Guide, so I won't go into much detail. But if you are looking to do some sight seeing on the island I would suggest you visit the temples, there are four to explore and they are huge. With such beautiful designs and detail, they are so fascinating to go a see.

Chinese Temples // Vlog Day driving around Koh Samui // Kirsty Wears Blog
Chinese Temples // Vlog Day driving around Koh Samui // Kirsty Wears Blog
Chinese Temples Koh Samui / Kirsty Wears BlogChinese Temples / Kirsty Wears Blog

Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan Snorkelling Trip

If your looking to do a snorkelling trip then the Koh Nangyuan and Koh Tao is the one you're after, James and I did this trip whilst staying on Koh Tao however it is available from Koh Samui too. The day is filled with lots of jumping on and off the boat whilst snorkelling beautiful coral reefs where you can see thousands of different kinds of fish.

Koh Nangyuan / travel / KWB
Endless Summer - Koh Nang Yuang Thailand // Kirsty Wears Blog
Koh Nangyuan / Travel / KWB

After a morning and afternoon of snorkelling you finish off on the beautiful island that is Koh Nangyuan. Koh Nangyuan is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world, situated in-between Koh Tao and Koh Samui, this stunning island is a secluded cove of heaven. With a viewpoint you can climb and more snorkelling to be done, it is the perfect end to an amazing day.

Bo Phut Fisherman's Market

Again I have mentioned Bo Phut Fisherman's Village before, but I will briefly mention it again as it is definitely the best markets on the island. If you're looking for an evening of shopping, eating and cocktails then Bo Phut is where you need to go. Fisherman's market is my favourite market and by far the biggest on the island held every Friday from 5:30 to 10:30 pm. It is a lovely evening to enjoy on the island.

Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty WearsBo Phut Thailand - Kirsty WearsBo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears

Muay Thai Training

Ok so this one might not be everyone cup of tea, or thing 'to do' whilst on holiday, but when here a year and your boyfriend training almost everyday you kind of feel like you must at least try out the sport. That I did, my sister and I in fact - we pulled ourselves together and opted to take a private lesson in Muay Thai, surprising we thoroughly enjoyed it and both want to continue learning whilst back at home (whether we stick by our words, we shall see haha).

Thai boxing training Yodyut Muay Thai / Koh Samui / Kirsty Wears Blog
Thai boxing training Yodyut Muay Thai / Koh Samui / Kirsty Wears BlogThai boxing training Yodyut Muay Thai / Koh Samui / Kirsty Wears Blog

But if fitness is your thing, or you just want to try something a little different whilst holidaying then Thai boxing is your answer. It is such a fun activity and the trainers are all so lovely and extremely friendly to train with. I recommend James' gym Yodyut Muay Thai, as they are all so welcoming and the lessons are a lot of fun. Also, if you do visit don't forget to go next door and try out my favourite restaurant too, Fareeda's.

Elephant Bathing

The title for this one surely said it all really? Hands down the most amazing thing I have experienced yet and I feel even happier that I was able to share with my little sister, who's favourite animal is elephants. Just seeing the huge grin on her face the whole day she was with elephants just makes my heart well up with joy, haha I'm a soppy sod I know but it was so lovely.

Elephant Bathing Koh Samui / Thailand / Kirsty Wears BlogElephant Bathing Koh Samui / Kirsty Wears Blog
Elephant bathing Koh Samui / KWBElephant bathing / travel / KWB

We took apart on an Eco Tour excursion which included a trip to the waterfall, cooking class, elephant bathing and trekking and a crocodile show. To be honest we didn't feel that great about the show it is not very natural or human performing tricks such as sticking your hand down a crocodile's throat and also the elephant trekking is a little of a touchy subject to. But if it makes anyone feel any better each elephant has their own career whom they belong too and they get feed and treated so very well. The elephant bathing was the loveliest thing I have ever seen, the elephant was having the time of his life splashing and being brushed clean.

Ark Bar & Nightlife

So my very last thing I would say definitely go to is a night out in Chaweng town, it's nightlife is buzzing with bars, clubs and one in particular I love is Ark Bar. With fire shows, cocktails, pool tables, DJ and dancing all up on Chaweng Beach it is definitely a great place to enjoy some holiday spirit.

Ark Bar Koh Samui Chaweng Beach / Travel / Kirsty Wears BlogNightlife Koh Samui / Ark Bar / Full Moon / Travel / KWB

So there you have it the last of my trio of Koh Samui Island posts, I really hope you enjoyed reading them and I hope I maybe inspired you to go visit this amazing island. Next up England... speak soon xo


Denim Denim and Goodbyes

Topshop Dungaress / Crochet Jacket / OOTD / Kirsty Wears BlogTopshop Dungaress / Crochet Jacket / OOTD / Kirsty Wears BlogTopshop Dungaress / Crochet Jacket / OOTD / Kirsty Wears Blog
Topshop Dungaress / Crochet Jacket / OOTD / Kirsty Wears BlogTopshop Dungaress / Crochet Jacket / OOTD / Kirsty Wears BlogTopshop Dungaress / Crochet Jacket / OOTD / Kirsty Wears Blog

Not much fashun' talk today guys as it is only a quick one from me, just a update: today we arrived in Bangkok after a full day of travel via bus, ferry and airplane we finally have made it to our hotel which will be home for the next 3 nights. Before heading out the evening to explore, I thought I would quickly put together my last outfit post from Samui Island, sob, goodbye Samui*. This will probably be the last time you'll see me with so little garments on haha as from Monday I'm sure it will be jeans and jackets all the way through 'British summer'. I am hoping that it will be heatwaves by the time we arrive back to the UK but from what I have heard so far we will be lucky if we see a solid week of sun. Le sigh* I will try and bring some sunshine back from we me guys, but it is pretty touch and go in Thailand too at the moment. We haven't seen much sun this week either!

James is ready now so off to explore Bangkok we go, speak soon xo 

Topshop Dungaress / Crochet Jacket / OOTD / Kirsty Wears Blog
Topshop Dungaress / Crochet Jacket / OOTD / Kirsty Wears BlogTopshop Dungaress / Crochet Jacket / OOTD / Kirsty Wears BlogKirsty Wears Blog

Dungarees - Topshop
Crochet - Made by me (shop coming soon) 
Necklace -  ℅ Trend of Days (All Jewellery £1.50, AMAZING!)

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Boho Warrior

Boho Warrior Jewellery / Kirsty Wears BlogBoho Warrior Jewellery / Kirsty wears blog
boho warrior jewellery / crochet bralet / kirsty wears blog

Opalite Amulet Trunk Ring £6.50
Elephant Choker £3.00
Healing Amethyst Point Necklace £10.00

So today I am introducing a fairly new clothing and jewellery brand - Boho Warrior. I think was just over a month ago I came across Boho Warrior and instantly feel in love with their stuff. After a few email exchanges from the lovely Harriet I got the opportunity to review some jewellery bits of theirs. Obviously I jumped at the chance after already seeing so many things I wished I had. These are the bits that I picked out to share with you guys, I know I have already shared them on my Instagram so some of you may have seen. But if not you can receive 20% with the code KIRSTYWEARSBLOG which personally I think is amazing so go grab your self pretty things!!

Boho Warrior Jewellery /Kirsty Wears BlogBoho Warrior Jewellery / Kirsty Wears Blog

Boho Warrior have also just launched a new clothing collection which I wanted to also share with you. There are so many beautiful things and if you're like me and love to find a new brand to fall in love with, then I think I have found us just the one. See below for all my favourites - 
boho warrior clothing / kirsty wears blog