I think it is safe to say we are all pretty big Instagram user spending a good majority of our days taking pretty pictures, editing them and posting them for the world to see and love heart like. So I thought I would create a little post sharing with some of my favourite photo editing apps that I use pretty much all the time to create that perfect Instagramable picture.

A Beautiful Mess // I use ABM to add a fun element to my pictures whether is s a cute border, some text or cute symbols. It was one of the first apps I downloaded to edit my images, and I think at the time I paid 69p for it. I don't use it very often however it is such a cute app to have when wanting too add a personal touch to some photos, specially foodstagram and cute memoir moments. (See below for photo examples)
A Beautiful Mess App // Kirsty Wears Blog 
Insta Size // is the app I use to create white space around my photos, and it is also the app I use if a photo is to narrow or too large to fit in the standard Instagram photo square. I find I use Insta Size the most for displaying full length outfits, sometimes collaging two images together (like example), and displaying a whole picture whether it is portrait or landscape. 
Insta Size App // Kirsty Wears Blog
VSCOcam // I love VSCOcam it is a great app to use for editing a photos exposure, saturation, contrast etc.. I know you can now do this in Instagram but I tend to use VSCOcam still as I personally think it is a lot better to control. Also I love the filters that are available on VSCOcam they just have a nice feel and look to them. The app also has a 'fade' feature which I love to use on my photos. Personally I use this app A LOT, I'd say for the majority of all my Instagram photos, I find it editing perfect for pretty much every photo I take. So yep! VSCOcam is a winner in my eyes.
VSCOcam App // Kirsty Wears Blog
Mirror Effect // it is what it states on the tin. This app I simply use to mirror an image, and without a separating white line through the middle. A quick and easy app to use and it also allows you to crop down your image and re mirror it, so you can minimise the space mirrored in between (I have no clue weather that last sentence made any sense) but hey. Again I use Mirror Effect for outfit shots, as it is always nice to see double aha. 
Mirror Effect App // Kirsty Wears Blog
Picfx // I have used this app since the beginning when I created my Instagram on my iPod touch (yolo). I think I downloaded it along side A Beautiful Mess and I also think I paid 69p for it. This app is great to play around with as it offers loads of effects and filters to edit your images with. Personally I use it most for adding light effects to my photos, from a pink hue dusting or sprinkles of light dots (see below). I used this app a lot in the beginning, but maybe not so much now, however it is a great one to have just in case you feel like you're in the twinkling mood. I may start using it more often as it gives a photo such a pretty look and feel, perfect for making picture perfect memories. Also this app allows you to layer effects and filters on top of one another so you can play around with it for ages. 
Picfx App // Kirsty Wears Blog
I hope you found this post useful and maybe some new photo editting apps to try. I know that I like to read these kinds of blog posts one because I'm nosey and two because I'm always looking for new apps to try and download. So on that note do let me know of any photo editing apps you think I might like. Adios Amigos x



I thought I would do a little tips / blogging post as I thought it would be interesting to see which social media you guys use to co along side your blog and to also share what I find useful and like to use.

As a blogger you all know that the best way to receive traffic to your blog is to promote yourself and your new blog posts. There is no point writing a post and then not letting anyone know because well they won't know to read it. You can be a follower of a blog for a long time and still very easily miss a post, especially if leaving it to the terrible blogger 'blog roll' to inform you. 
Social Media & Your blog

So what I use the most and how I find them effective, starting with the most popular. 

1// Twitter - it is an obvious one. Pretty much every blogger, business, brand, company, magazine, famous person practically everyone in the world. We all use Twitter to our share links, promotions and well their everyday musings and well if you don't then.. your missing out. It is a great way to reach out to fellow bloggers and to connect with brands and companies, especially if you just so happen to blog a post featuring them. It is an easy tool to generate traffic to your blog and exceptionally useful when it comes to the famous hashtag. I find I use twitter the most to spread the 'new post love' as you can continue to push your blog through out the day without it becoming a nuisance as that it the nature of twitter its self. 

2// Bloglovin - a blog roll in a sense as it is a great way to follow new blog and your all time favs. It is simple to use and pleasing to the eye and if you have a blog linked to Bloglovin they are ever so kind to too the work for you generating your new post as soon as it has published. I'd say in the last year I have  used Bloglovin to its full potential (as I did used to rely on bloggers updates to keep me informed. But since converting to a full time Bloglovin user I'd say I have come across far more lovely blogs and been able to keep up to date with all new post too. What is also great about Bloglovin is that you can 'save' a post which is handy if your on the go and want to catch up later or to simple share some love and save, save, save which is also a little heart (see sharing love). 

3/ Facebook - so Facebook is a new one for me as I only joined my blog to Facebook a few months ago, and well I don't know why I was so reluctant too but I think it mainly boiled down to everyone potentially in the 'real' boring world (all those people on Facebook that you know, or knew. You know what I mean) will discover your secret life. No I'm kidding but joining Facebook was a little daunting as the prospect of everyone knowing and being able to read my blog, but actually I have found it really useful and now my family can all read and access my blog on a daily basis which is also really nice. But as a whole Facebook I find is a really good social media tool, not only does to allow to share links and pictures from your blog, youtube etc. It also keeps you update with how productive / effective your post have been and how many people through Facebook have interacted to your picture or link. For me this is a winning feature. 

4// Instagram - Ok so Instagram I feel is on its own sort of level when it comes to social media and using it to promote a blog. By this I mean it is great to share post image snippets or a daily outfit but as a whole I feel it is kind of a blog on it's own. You can display your blog link in your bio which is handy but I do think it generates it's own following for it's own purpose, such as your blog could have 500 followers but your Instagram has 100k followers, so by that sense I feel like Instagram is like a mini blog where you can visually share your style and other interests. Which is great and I am possibly a little addicted a pretty 'instagramable' picture, but personally I would say Instagram is a little hobby on it's own, not just a tool to share your blog.

Other socials I use but not a frequently are Pinterest - forever seeking inspiration and Tumblr - recently more as a share tool i.e from Instagram.

These may all seem obvious choices and you use them all the time, but if your just starting out or haven't used social media before then I hope you find this post helpful. Also if you recommend any other form of social media that I haven't mentioned then please let me know I love to find new things to do and play around with. Speak soon x.



Mini Travel Lookbook // Kirsty Wears Blog

Hey Guys :) I created a mini travel lookbook with some of the items I have been wearing lately. Hope you enjoy my first lookbook video, love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment and let me know :) also if you liked this video please don't forget to thumps up and subscribe to my channel.