Monday, 21 July 2014


Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty WearsBo Phut Thailand - Kirsty WearsBo Phut Thailand - Kirsty WearsBo Phut Thailand - Kirsty WearsBo Phut Thailand - Kirsty WearsBo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
Wide Leg Trousers - H&M
Top - H&M 
Gold Sliders - RiverIsland 
Bag - Primark 
Sunglasses - Topshop

Bo Phut - Koh Samui
Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
The beach hut we stayed in on my arrival right on Bo Phut beach. It was so small inside me and James could hardly move. But it was fun for a few days.  
Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
Bo Phut beach, were I spent the first few days in Thailand. James said it wasn't as nice as Chaweng but I was happy :) who wouldn't be.
Bo Phut Fisherman's Village
Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
so many pretty handmade embroidered purses and bags
Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
love these coconut shell and glass detailed bowls, such a simple beautiful idea
Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
tried so many weird fruits out here, Dragon fruit and Mangosteen are my favourites 
Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
I am a sucker for bracelets and trinkets, James is not impressed
Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
hustle and bustle of the Fisherman's market
Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
the shops have lots of wonderful things, I love the colour of these hand painted bags  
Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
tie- dye heaven
Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
every shop has a different variety of patterns and colours 
Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
OMG! these elephants were just so cute, I wish I bought one now. I haven't seen anything similar since :( 
Bo Phut Thailand - Kirsty Wears
more trinkets and bracelets…. heaven
Hi from Thailand :) so happy to finally be blogging from here. I thought I'd include a little travel update on what I have been up to and include some pictures from my time in Koh Samui - Bo Phut and obviously what I've been wearing.

The weather here has been very humid and it is extremely hot all of the time however at the moment most days are over cast and there is often a down pour of rain either during the day or in the evening. Honestly have never seen rain like it and coming from Britain that is quite a big statement aha, literally it is like standing under a waterfall. Although proving perfect weather for these H&M floaty trousers, which are just amazing to wear. They're perfect on and were only £14.99 cannot go wrong!

So I am currently blogging from Chaweng - Koh Samui were we will be based for a while as James is training (thai boxing) in one of the local gyms here. I will eventually blog more about Chaweng in future post but for now I thought I would include what and where I have been up until now. So I arrived just over 2 weeks ago to meet James (boyfriend) who had already been out here for 3 weeks, I was so excited but extremely nervous at the same time as I had never been on a plane on my own before and the longest journey being only 4 hours - so the 13 hour flight was a little daunting. However once on the plane I was fine, and I slept most of the way which was perfect.

So far we have visited and stayed in Bo Phut which is another part of Koh Samui and we have also Koh Tao which is about 2 hours via boat from here. I am having the best time, there are so many wonderful things to do and see. One of my favourite things about thailand are the constant markets and street food. There is so much to try and taste and is so cheap which is a bonus, the markets also are ridiculously cheap I have to reframe from buying everything I see as I couldn't possibly carry it all around with whilst on the move aha. 

I have included some photos from are time in Bo Phut, mainly from Bo Phut's Fisherman Village, which we happened to stumble across whilst roaming up and down the local street. Bo Phut was quite quiet with not much to do until we finally found this place. There was such a great hustle and bustle vibe, with so many colours and things to see and going on. The food again was immense, honestly so far the street food has been the best thing, I know people have said before that you shouldn't eat it. But once your here its hard not to, and it all seems perfectly fine to me. Each to there own I guess :) Look forward to blogging more soon xo

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


[blog] HM Culottes - Kirsty Wears[blog] HM Culottes - Kirsty Wears[blog] HM Culottes - Kirsty Wears[blog] HM Culottes - Kirsty Wears[blog] HM Culottes - Kirsty Wears

Cropped Vest - H&M 
Printed Culottes - H&M 
Sandals - Primark
Fedora Hat - Topshop 
Necklace - Primark
Litte Tan Bag - Primark

Howdy Y'all! Today I'm wearing culottes, yep most definitely in a pair of culottes. I am as shocked as you are, I was adamant that I wasn't into the whole culottes trend and I most certainly didn't think I was going to love a pair on me. But these H&M bobby dazzlers have stolen my heart and I am now a culottes believer. 

So if you don't know already, and well I don't actually think I have told any of you yet but I have booked a one way ticket to Koh Samui, Thailand and will be leaving in paradise for as long as I possibly can (in my head I'm hoping a year). SO I guess I'm SUPER excited about that - I fly on the 2nd of July and I literally cannot control my excitement. I think this is possible to most scary/exciting/huge thing I have and am ever going to do and well it simply now or never. 

I cannot wait to blog from my new home and eat ridiculous amounts of watermelon, oh and coconut rice. Life will be good. So maybe if I don't get a chance to blog in-between now and flying I guess I'll next speak to you all when in Thailand. xo

Saturday, 7 June 2014


[blog] Missguided Daisy Dress - Kirsty Wears[blog] Missguided Daisy Dress - Kirsty Wears[blog] Missguided Daisy Dress - Kirsty Wearsblog MIssguided Daisy Dress - Kirsty WearsEmbroidered Daisy Dress - Missguided
Fedora Hat - Topshop
Bag - Primark 
Sandals - Primark 
Luca Sunglasses - Topshop

Ok so I have realised that I may have a slight addiction when it comes to shift dresses. I just find them so easy to wear and well Missguided keep making really cute hard to say no dresses like this one then there is no hope for me I guess this obsession is just going to keep on rolling.. god help my bank balance. 

So in love with this outfit I cannot wait to wear it again specially my new accessory purchases from Topshop. Yes Summer I have ma fedora and sunnies I am ready for YA, now hit us with it!! 

I have work today which I guess is the down side to working in retail is the weekend shifts… bleurrgh enjoy the sunshine people, speak soon xo